Veterans Memorial High School
Screaming Eagle Band
Corpus Christi, TX
VMHS Band Directors
I am a graduate of Orange Grove High School, which is located 35 miles west of Corpus Christi in Orange Grove, Texas.  I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education in 2006 and a Master’s Degree in Education Administration in 2011 from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. 
Prior to my position here at Veterans Memorial, I was the Assistant Band Director at Tuloso-Midway High School in Corpus Christi for two years.  Before joining Tuloso-Midway ISD, I spent six years as the Assistant Band Director for West Oso ISD. 
Throughout the years I have performed professionally with many groups such as Ritmo Caribe, Latin Talk, The Tortilla Factory, Corpus Christi Municipal Big Band, Corpus Christi Wind Symphony, as well as many church groups and other organizations throughout the state of Texas. 
In my time working with the various communities throughout Corpus Christi, I have come to realize how many outstanding parents and students we have in this city.  It truly is an honor to be able to teach so many students the gift of performing music.  I have enjoyed many experiences throughout my career and look forward to developing many great traditions and a mark of excellence at Veterans Memorial High School.
Shawn Athey
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Lauren Gutierrez - Asst. Director
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